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Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Gel Hand Pads
Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Gel Hand Pads

Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Gel Hand Pads

Provide long lasting comfort.

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Southwest Technologies, Inc.
  • Made from glycerin gel.
  • Reduce friction and prevent skin breakdown.
  • Provide long lasting comfort.
  • The hand grips are completely round and slide on.
  • Fits both auxiliary crutches and forearm crutches.
The Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Hand Pads are durable gel pads that provide long lasting comfort for crutch users. These glycerin gel hand pads are designed to reduce friction and help prevent the incidence of skin breakdown.

Crutch Mate Hand Pads attach easily to crutches by sliding over the existing crutch hand support bar. To install, simply remove the old hand grip core from the crutch, and slip off the original foam pad. Next, push the core through the Crutch-Mate™ Hand Grip Crutch Pad and re-assemble the crutch. The gel pads can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soap or disinfectant. Crutch Mate Gel Hand Pads are sold in pairs.

Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Hand Pads Specifications:

  • Thickness: 3/8 inch.
  • Material: Glycerin gel.
  • Fits: Axillary crutches.
  • Includes: One pair gel hand pads.
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