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Combination Dressing Stick Shoe Horn
CMI738811 Combination Dressing Stick Shoe Horn

Combination Dressing Stick Shoe Horn

A simple design that comes in very handy for removing clothes and shoes.

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  • Specially angled large hook
  • 2 pushers for removing shoes, clothing
  • Long shoe horn with a notch for taking off socks
The Combination Dressing Stick Shoe Horn is an adapted dressing aid that is helpful for putting on and removing clothes and shoes. The simple design of this dressing stick allows the user to perform a variety of dressing tasks.

The Combination Dressing Stick Shoe Horn has a large, specially designed angled hook that securely holds clothing in place while assisting with dressing, and pulls clothing without the clothing slipping off. The two rounded tips work well for pushing when removing shoes and clothes. The long shoehorn has a notch designed to make taking off socks easier. Made of hard, sturdy plastic, this helpful dressing aid measures 24 inches long and can also be used for pushing and pulling drawers, doors and other items, turning on and off light switches, and retrieving clothing from beds, floors and closets. Users who have difficulty dressing will find the Combination Dressing Stick and Shoe Horn is a helpful tool for a variety of daily living tasks.

Combination Dressing Stick Shoe Horn Specifications:

  • Measures: 24 inches long, 6 inches wide.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Color: Blue.
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