Chapmans LT Plus LLC

Chapmans LT Plus LLC provides Freedom Staff Handicap Portable Driving Controls. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, these hand controls for disabled drivers are designed with with freedom, independence, and mobility in mind. The Freedom Staff is a complete system developed to help anyone with physical challenges drive safely. The Freedom Staff can literally travel with the user, from vehicle to vehicle. It can be quickly installed in any automobile with an automatic transmission, no tools necessary. It can even be packed and stowed when not needed. With low-effort steering, accurate and dependable acceleration and braking, disabled drivers can now take back their independence. Freedom Staff encourages users to go beyond their limits, adapt, and get on the road to freedom!

The Wright Stuff is proud to offer Freedom Staff Handicap Portable Driving Controls from Chapmans LT Plus.
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Adaptive driving controls for those who can't use their legs.
Easy to use, portable driving controls for automatic transmission vehicles.