For some people, simply rising or standing when getting in or out of a car can be quite challenging. These automobile aids help make getting in and out of the car easier. Auto transfer aids include the care caddie, car slide, car handy bar.

Car Transfer Aids

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  • Leg Lifters Leg Lifters
    Helps to easily lift or re-position weak or casted legs.
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Makes transferring in and out of your car easier.
$32.95 $29.95
Allows people to get in and out their car more easily.
$59.95 $52.95
Makes unbuckling child seat belt buckles easier!
Cushion grip door strap offers a helping hand for getting in or out of a vehicle.
Makes getting in and out of a car seat effortless!
Portable cushion rotates 360 degrees, allows movement in any direction.
Helps avoid twisting and turning when reaching for the seat belt.
Easy to use, portable driving controls for automatic transmission vehicles.
Allows the easy storage and display of handicap parking permit.
Keeps back seat buckle propped up and easy to reach.
Helps to reduce pain on the back, hips and knees when getting out of a car.
Dual back support system promotes proper postural alignment.
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