Visiting the Library--Independently

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Seniors and others suffering from arthritis often find themselves housebound. If they are fortunate enough, they may have a good network of relatives or caregivers available to shuttle them to shops, restaurants, and doctor's appointments.

Myths and Facts About Arthritis Treatment Solutions

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Because arthritis affects so many people, there are many misconceptions about effective treatments for this often debilitating condition. We would like to clear up a few misguided ideas about arthritis treatments, and hopefully pave the way to healthy solutions for persons who suffer from arthritis.

Q: Is Arthritis Curable?

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A: No. But Effective Treatment is Available.

In instances, it appears that some types of arthritis can be curable. Persons who develop a special type of arthritis caused by Lyme disease (which results from Lyme disease) may be cured by penicillin injections.