Beasy Premium Transfer Boards

The BeasyTrans Transfer Boards provide users with a safe, comfortable and dignified way to transfer from bed to wheelchair, from wheelchair to commode or shower seat, to a car and back again. The secret is a circular seat gliding on a track that supports the user's weight as the transfer occurs. The systems are rated at 400 lbs.

BeasyTrans™ Systems have not only prevented serious injuries caused by traditional means of transferring but have enabled patients to be more independent! Since there is no lifting involved, the risks of back and brachial plexus type injuries are eliminated with proper use.

BeasyTrans™Ideal for automobile transfers, for space-limited transfers and bed repositioning.40"L x 12"W6-½lbs
BeasyGlyder™Designed for situations when the wheelchair arm is not removable or there is an obstacle present.32"L x 10"W4-½lbs.
Beasy II™Ideal for smaller areas, such as transfers in the bathroom or for boosting in bed.27½"L x 12"W4-½lbs.

BeasyTrans Transfer Boards

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Beasy Premium Transfer Boards

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Straps secure the board inside the case.
Zip-up case with carry handle for the BeasyTrans Board.
Travel case for the BeasyII Transfer Board.
Easiest way to transfer a patient!
Perfect for smaller areas, like bathroom transfers.
Longer length will accommodate patients and transfers in areas where space is not an issue.
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