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Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bathing Salts

Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bathing Salts
Salts from the Dead Sea have been legendary for centuries for their therapeutic and beatifying properties to the skin. Nothing like regular sea salt, Dead Sea salts are comprised of a wide variety of minerals which are present in a high concentration. Whereas regular sea salt is made up of over 90% sodium, salt from the Dead Sea is only about 10% sodium and the rest is made of minerals which are essential for the proper function and health of skin. Such minerals include Magnesium, Potassium, Bromine and Calcium to name a few.

Unlike regular salt, Dead Sea salt is not edible and tastes bitter primarily because of the low sodium content and the high presence of other minerals. This fact however gives it the therapeutic properties that have been raved about for centuries. The minerals present in the salt are also naturally present within skin cells but commonly get depleted which can cause severe dryness, wrinkle development and dull looking skin. When Dead Sea bath salts are used for bathing, essential minerals are feed back into the skin cells improving the overall health and vitality of the skin.

Therapeutic for Arthritis, Muscular Pain, Skin Conditions and Silky Smooth Skin are some of the wonderful benefits you receive from the use of Masada products. For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has been the destination for millions seeking its therapeutic blend of mineral salts for temporary relief from psoriasis, arthritis, muscular pain and for the utmost in tension relaxation.

Exclusive Masada Dead Sea Mineral Salts are 100% natural, imported in unprocessed form from the southernmost part of the Dead Sea, where mineral concentration is richest. Dead Sea Mineral Salts are unchallenged as the optimal therapeutic bath salts.
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