Bathroom Bath and Shower Chairs offer a number of benefits to people who have disabilities or who are not able to stand in the shower. Standing in a shower can be exhausting, especially for people with limited mobility, or decreased stamina due to aging or other conditions. Bath seats and chairs provide a great solution that allows people to rest during a shower or enjoy a full shower while seated. For users who have difficulty remaining supported while in a bath, bath chairs are a great way to stay comfortable and safe during both baths and showers, offering stability and support for hygiene tasks.

Bathroom Bath and Shower Chairs

Bathroom Bath and Shower Chairs include a variety of top brand bath and shower chairs. Bathtub seats are available with or without arms or backs. Bathtub transfer benches allow users to sit down, then lift their legs over the tub wall. Sliding Transfer Benches allow the seat to glide across instead of the user sliding across the bench. Bariatric bath and shower chairs provide additional support for safe bathing and offer stability and greater independence for people with disabilities.
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New automatic reclining bath tub lift for deeper tubs.
Designed to benefit the person with partial or total hip replacement, arthritis, or knee surgery.
$160.00 $134.00
Durable, rustproof bath safety bench makes tub transfers easier.
Durable plastic swivel seat ideal for narrow tubs or shower stalls.
Shower bench with slide seat for independent bathing
Locking, swivel seat helps make transfers easier.
Easy to use wall mounted tub lift with swivel seat
Wide and deep seat surface provides extra stability.
$159.95 $149.95
Locking, swivel seat helps make transfers easier, padded seat provides additional comfort.
$217.00 $203.00
Bamboo shower seat provides ideal seating option for shower safety
Comfortable padded seat and back
$251.00 $211.00
Locking, swivel seat helps make transfers easier.
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