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Essential Tremor Awareness

Posted by Matt on 3/17/2017 to Articles

Art thrives in the disability community

Posted by Matt on 10/14/2016 to Articles
Art thrives in the disability community

Painting and other arts are popular among people with disabilities. Find out more about what binds the worlds of disability and art.

Self Improvement is for Seniors Too: Self Improvement Month

Posted by Tanika on 9/21/2016 to Articles
Self Improvement is for Seniors Too:  Self Improvement Month

September is designated as Self-Improvement Month. It is the perfect time to reflect on necessary changes and set new goals.

Eyes Have It: National Eye Exam Month

Posted by Tanika on 8/25/2016 to Articles
Eyes Have It:  National Eye Exam Month

Sears Optical established August as National Eye Exam Month in 1989. Ophthalmologists promote eye health and safety, and in particular the importance of routine eye exams, during this month.

Lighting Up the Sky: Fireworks Safety Month

Posted by Tanika on 6/27/2016 to Articles
Fireworks can be beautiful to look at and a great source of entertainment for people of all ages, but they can also be dangerous. June is Fireworks Safety Month, a good time to take a few minutes to brush up on or learn fireworks safety.

Eye See You: Cataract Awareness Month

Posted by Tanika on 6/1/2016 to Articles
Eye See You:  Cataract Awareness Month
Cataracts affect more than 20 million people age 40 and older. Learn more about what they are, what causes them, the symptoms to look for, and their treatments, during Cataract Awareness Month.

Avoid bad luck on Friday the 13th

Posted by Matt on 5/13/2016 to Articles
Avoid bad luck on Friday the 13th

There's no need to fear slips and falls this Friday the 13th, so long as you have our non-slip socks on stand-by.

Mississippi Technology Awareness Conference

Posted by Best Choice on 6/3/2015 to Articles
The mission of Project START is to ensure the provision of appropriate Technology-Related services for Mississippians with disabilities by increasing the awareness of and access to Assistive Technology and by helping the existing service systems to become more consumer responsive so that all Mississippians with disabilities will receive appropriate Technology-Related services and devices.

Is the Garden Off-Limits for Arthritic Persons?

Posted by Best Choice on 6/3/2015 to Articles

Not With Arthritic Gardening Aids

There are a host of adapted aids to help arthritic persons around the house. Many are familiar — from special kitchen aids like lipped plates to grooming and bathing aids such as elevated toilet seats and hand grips for the bathtub.

Fun and Games with Arthritic Aids?

Posted by Staff on 6/3/2015 to Articles
Too often, persons with arthritis view arthritic aids as being purely functional, practical, and--let's face it--boring. It's all well and good to have aids that help you easily turn on lights, move safely into the bathtub, and button a blouse. But what about fun and pleasure? Does arthritis mean sitting alone in a chair every night, reading old magazines?

Ask the Arthritis Supplies Expert

Posted by Best Choice on 6/3/2015 to Articles

Arthritis Putting Damper on Couple's Social Life


"My husband suffers from arthritis so badly that almost everything he does causes him pain and discomfort. You can imagine what this has done to our social life! We hardly go out anymore. The thing of it is, I think he really does want to go out. It's just the arthritis that's holding him back."

Living With Arthritis

Posted by Best Choice on 6/3/2015 to Articles

Products and ideas to help make living with Arthritis a little easier…

Living with arthritis can present a wide array of challenges. Some of these challenges may be temporary, following surgery or during periods of flare-ups. Some of these challenges may be life long. Arthritis can create problems with mobility, range of motion, fine motor skills, and cause pain and fatigue that may affect the performance of daily tasks. While surgery, physical therapy and pain management may help some people with some of these issues, for the most part there is no way to remove the cause of the difficulty. Therefore, it is important for the person with arthritis to find solutions to some of these basic problems, and fortunately there are many products available that can help.

Five Things You May Know Not Know About Arthritic Aids

Posted by Staff on 6/3/2015 to Articles

1. Arthritic Aids Are Not Just About Wheelchairs

In fact, arthritis is not just about discomfort associated with mobility. Persons with arthritis often have trouble with some daily tasks that seem commonplace: cooking and eating meals; bathing; grooming; and getting dressed. Arthritic aids not only ease the pain, but they allow persons with arthritis to join in with everyday activities enjoyed by other people who are not suffering from arthritis.

Keep up the good work with our perennial gardening tools

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
Among the many great gardening events going on this time of year is Perennial Gardening Month, which is the month of June. This is a great time for all of you perennial plant fans to discover new summer blooms to add to your collection, whether it be yarrow or lavender.

Playing cards and card holders could make Father's Day fun

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
When dealing with our own disabilities or those of our family members, we often feel bogged down with the medical aspect of our lives, and it’s easy to forget that all work and no play makes life rather dull. Of the many pieces of adaptive equipment you could get your disabled father for Father’s Day, you may also want to consider getting him a gift that will enhance his leisure time, such as our adaptive playing cards and playing card holders.

Partitioned plates enjoy deserved popularity

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
Many people with disabilities find plates with divided sections to be extremely helpful. There are a lot of reasons why partitioned plates make mealtime easier for people with a variety of disabilities.

President’s Day recalls need for daily independence

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
February is a very presidential month. Not only is it Presidents’ Day today, February 17, but February 12 happens to be Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. This American president, slain after leading the cause to end slavery, has become a symbol of liberty and human rights not only for the slaves of his time, but also for many groups since then who have had to work hard to be included in society.

We have reachers for many occasions and uses

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles

From the dawn of civilization, sticks have been one of the most beloved tools of mankind. As Teddy Roosevelt used to say, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

While we discourage violent force, we must admit sticks are useful for doing just about anything, including reaching objects and gaining leverage. Using one of our reachers are a little like having a good stick but with added state-of-the-art technology.

Arthritis gloves give quick, easy relief compared to other methods

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
Arthritis pain is one of the most annoying kinds of pain but also among the most treatable by natural methods. While pills are often necessary for relieving pain, there are many natural ways to treat pain symptoms in order to reduce recourse to pills.

Running water in the bed or wheelchair — yes, it’s possible!

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
We have written before about ways to make bathing easier for people with mobility limitations. Some of the adaptive equipment we sell works great for those who can get into their shower or tub with assistance. But what about those for whom this is impossible? We have already discussed our great No-Rinse products for when there is no accessible shower around, but now we would like to introduce you to some equipment that would be a great permanent solution for your bathing needs.

Head to school with tablet holder, adaptive pens, scissors

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
The month of August is here, which means it’s back to school time. Whether you are a college student with a hectic schedule or a parent of a child with special needs, we offer a range of tools to give a smooth start to the semester.

National Scleroderma Awareness Month: Try different creams

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
June is Scleroderma Awareness Month. Scleroderma is a little known disease but is almost as common in the U.S. as muscular sclerosis.

Sclerderma Voice

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
Great Grips Faucet Grips make turning the water on and off an effortless task for people with scleroderma or arthritis. Each package contains two Great Grips Faucet Grips per package, one red and one blue. They're also a big help in eliminating confusion of which faucet is hot and cold water. The bright red and blue color-coded faucets provide a great visual cue.

Seeking Solutions with Suzanne

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
As we age, and the execution of things we once took for granted becomes more difficult, the desire to maintain our independence becomes very important. Needing assistance from others in order to perform simple, everyday actions is not something we look forward to.

Solving Problems Around the House for Seniors

Posted by Best Choice on 6/2/2015 to Articles
Seniors face many obstacles in a world not necessarily designed for them. And seniors encounter many of these challenges in their own homes! Moving about from room to room, reaching for items high and low, and spending some well-deserved relaxation time are just a few activities that might seem easy to many people but that can present a challenge for seniors. We’re going to take a crack at solving some of these problems that seniors face around the house.