Action Akton Polymer Cushions

Action Adaptive Cube Pads are 100% Akton Polymer. AKTON polymer won't leak, flow, or bottom out, and it is tissue equivalent. It moves with wheelchair users, not against them, to reduce pressure and shear, the two leading causes of pressure sores. AKTON polymer is also radiolucent and easy to clean with standard disinfectant. It will not support microbiological growth, and it won't absorb body fluids or odors.

Adaptive Cube Pads have multifunctional applications for traditional and non-traditional seating challenges. Pads are designed to be cut and used for spot protection in products such as arm pads, foot plates, head/leg rests and splints/braces. The Adaptive Cube Pad can be adapted for use on backs to support and reduce risk to bony prominence, on gel-based cushions to stop bottoming out, and on existing low-end cushions to provide increased shear and pressure reduction. The cubical design of the pad surface allows increased air circulation, cushioning from mild impact, heat dissipation and increased comfort.

Action Akton Polymer Cube Pads

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Provide maximum pressure relife, shear reduction, increased comfort.
Gel cube cushion with cover provides seating comfort, reduces shear.
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