Adapted dining plates are designed to provide a helpful solution for users who have difficulty using standard dinner plates. Plates with raised edges and divisions facilitate the placement of food onto the spoon or the fork. The user pushes the food against the side or the partition, making it fall into the bowl or onto the tines. Many of the dishes have features to enhance stability, including suction bases or weighted bottoms.

Adaptive Dining Plates

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Suction base prevents scoop plate from sliding.
Raised curved edge helps users scoop food onto their eating utensil.
Divided plate with deep sections and secure fitting lid.
Helpful for people with declining vision who have difficulty identifying foods on light colored plates.
Patented non-slip suction pad. It won't move!
Large scoop plate with suction pad base. It Won't Move!
High sides make scooping food easy and non skid bottom prevents plate from moving.
Durable melamine divided dish with secure, nonskid feet to keep the dish from sliding.
Food is easily scooped against the raised edge.
Box of 12 adapted plates with raised lip help to prevent spilling food over the edge
Red color adapted dining plate with deep edge creates high contrast background for people with low vision.
Raised inside edge helps users scoop food and prevent spills.
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