Adaptive cups and glasses are available in a variety of models with one or two handles and different lid options. Cups and mugs with large handles allow users to engage their whole hand for gripping. Two-handled cups allow the user to share the weight of the cup between both hands so they can lift and stabilize the cup easily. Nosey cups in different sizes provide helpful for solutions for users with limited neck motion. Cups and mugs that are weighted are helpful for users with hand tremors.

Adaptive Cups & Glasses

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Helpful mug those who no longer have the strength to hold a mug with just one hand.
Ergonomically curved internal handle enables the hand to fit through the mug, eliminating the need for grasping.
Allows dribble-free drinking without the need for the person to sit up or raise the head.
Cup with a rotating handle self levels, increases control, reduces spills.
Insulated drinking mug with contoured shape for fingers
Allows for finger joints to be used to their greatest mechanical advantage.
Will not spill even when upside down!
Package of 3 spill proof, single handle adapted drinking cups.
Package of 6 spill proof lids.
Small drinking glass for hot and cold liquids that is easy to hold.
Unique soft, spout lid with compartment for storing pills.
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