Adapted Knives including ergonomic knives, rocker knives, large grip handle knives and other adaptive cutting utensils for increased independence in the kitchen.

Different cutting jobs in the kitchen require different blades and knives to make cutting easier. The most essential knives are peeling knife, paring knife for slicing fruits and vegetables, utility knife for general peeling, slicing, and carving, and cooks knife for chopping and dicing, and bread knife. Ergonomic angled kitchen knives are designed to keep the hand and wrist in a neutral position providing comfort and less stress.

Adapted Knives

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Ergonomic design decreases arm discomfort and makes cutting easier.
Ideal for persons who only have the use of one hand.
Multi-purpose board for fine and course grating, slicing, peeling.
Multipurpose knife with a two prong fork-like tip and a serration on half the blade.
Fun and easy to use adapted food cutting tool creates 10 geometric shapes to form a heart.
$12.95 $5.99
Large, nonslip handle is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
Curved blade allows for rocking motion to aid in cutting.
Upright, ergonomic handle eliminates stress on wrist, hand, and fingers.
For those unable to use a knife and fork simultaneously.
Unique knife makes cutting easier for users who have difficulty using a standard knife.
Safely transport your Rocking T Knife on trips.
Unique cutting board with vice grip securely holds food for one hand meal preparation.
$62.95 $54.95
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