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Ergonomic T handle gripping aid designed to help make turning control knobs easier.
Transfer disk works like a "lazy susan".
$94.95 $89.95
Package of 4 small square, non-slip silicone coasters hold glasses and mugs securely.
5.5 inch small round non-slip silicone mat.
$15.95 $8.95
10 x 7 inch non-slip silicone table mat prevents dinnerware from sliding.
Medium size rectangle non-slip silicone table mat holds a variety of items in place.
Large rectangle non-slip silicone table mat grips on both sides to secure objects in place.
7.5 inch large round non-slip silicone mat, non-toxic and latex free, for stabilizing a variety of items.
$19.95 $14.95
Non-slip silicone gripper for opening jars and bottles.
Non-slip soft silicone opener.
Raised toilet seat for users who need an extended hip position when sitting due to surgery.
Unique "T" shaped handle allows the wrist to remain in a neutral position.
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