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72 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt
72 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt

72 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt

Striped cotton webbing belt 72 inches long, 2 inches wide, with metal buckle for mobility support.

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  • Provides a secure hand hold
  • Assists users when walking
  • Holds securely around the user
The 72 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt features an exclusively designed, copyrighted red, white, and blue stripe color scheme. This durable cotton webbing belt is designed to provide assistance for large adults when walking.

To use the 72 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt, place it around the waist of the user just like a regular belt. The belt goes around the user and provides a helpful support belt for assistance to steady them, help them when walking, and help lift them to a standing position. The belt provides the assistant something to hold on to when providing support and guidance to stand and walk safely. For clients with compromised balance, the belt will also help with walking, especially if the user tends to side step at times. The 2 inch wide heavy duty cotton webbing belt features a metal buckle for secure closing and easy adjusting. The Patriot Stripe Gait Belt is available in a variety of lengths, and also with a quick release buckle.

72 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt Specifications:

  • Width: 2 inches.
  • Length: 72 inches.
  • Material: Heavy duty cotton webbing.
  • Care: Hand washed and drip dry.
  • Made in: USA.
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