60 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt

60 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt

Red, white, blue striped cotton webbing 6o inch belt with metal buckle

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  • Metal buckle holds securely around the patient.
  • djusts easily.
  • Provides the caregiver with a secure hand hold to assist the wearer when walking.
  • Special orders available for pediatric and bariatric size gait belts.


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Use this 60 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt to provide assistance for individuals with unsteady gait when walking. Secure the 2 inch wide belt using the metal buckle around the individual just like a regular belt. The heavy duty cotton webbing belt provides a secure hand hold for the caregiver to help steady the wearer when walking.

60 inch Patriot Stripe Specifications:

  • Material: heavy duty cotton webbing.
  • Width: 2 inches.
  • Length: 60 inches.
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