3pp Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Left Hand Splint
3pp Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Left Hand Splint

3pp Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Left Hand Splint

Provides added control to reduce ulnar deviation at the fingers of the left hand.

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  • Hinge allows user to fully bend and straighten fingers.
  • Improves the alignment of fingers with severe ulnar deviation due to Rheumatoid Arthritis or neurological conditions.
  • Soft finger straps allow fingers to be individually corrected.
  • Open palm allows increased hand function.
  • Thin molded plastic shell is lined for comfort.

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The 3pp® Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Left Hand Splint can be used to improve the alignment of strongly deviated fingers of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This splint was designed by a hand specialist to improve hand function in patients with severe ulnar deviation.

Soft finger straps permit each finger to be individually aligned for maximum support and comfort. This hand positioning splint is made of thin molded Kydex plastic and lined in soft felt for added comfort. A bendable stay contours around the palm for added stability while leaving the palm free for function.

To clean the splint, rinse in cool soapy water and rinse well with clear water. Pat felt lining dry and allow to air dry thoroughly. The strap can be removed and hand washed with soap and water, and allowed to air dry. Additional straps are available for purchase.

Because of the nature of Rheumatoid Arthritis and the variations in the deformities it causes, we recommend discussing this splint with your health care provider before purchasing. Your doctor or therapist can assist in properly fitting and adjusting the splint if needed. To determine the size needed, lay hand flat and measure width across the hand from the 2nd to 5th MP (large knuckles). Small fits 3/4 inch to 3 inches, Medium fits 3 to 3-3/8 inches, Large fits 3-3/8 to 3-5/8 inches. Non-returnable hygiene item.

PDF Logo 3pp Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Splint Instructions

3pp Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Left Hand Splint Specifications:

  • Fits: Left Hand.
  • Small fits: 3/4 inch to 3 inches.
  • Medium fits: 3 to 3-3/8 inches.
  • Large fits: 3-3/8 to 3-5/8 inches.
  • Material: Kydex plastic.
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