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3pp Mueller Thumb Stabilizer - Discontinued
APP2015U 3pp Mueller Thumb Stabilizer

3pp Mueller Thumb Stabilizer - Discontinued

Supportive thumb brace with 2 flexible stays for maximum support, to prevent joint motion and reduce pain.

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  • Fully cushioned and comfortable for all day and all night wear
  • One size fits left or right hand
  • Provides maximum support to limit harmful joint motion
The 3pp Mueller Thumb Stabilizer is a thumb brace that limits joint motion to ease the pain of arthritis, gamekeepers thumb, skiers thumb, ligament injuries, and other thumb joint instabilities. Users will find this product firmly holds the thumb joint in place while allowing enough hand motion to function normally throughout the day.

The 3pp Mueller Thumb Stabilizer provides thumb support that limits carpometacarpal and metacarpophalangeal joint motion while still allowing free interphalangeal motion. Two flexible stays provide maximum support to limit these harmful movements. This precision joint care thumb stabilizer splint allows freedom from pain and freedom of movement. This thumb stabilizer is a good choice to hold the thumb and wrist to reduce the painful symptoms of deQuervain’s tenosynovitis. The splint can be worn day and night and can also be worn following an injection to assure maximum results. The 3pp Mueller Thumb Stabilizer is extremely versatile. This product can be used on either hand and is one size fits all. The breathable and durable fabric fights against odors, stains, and product deterioration.

3pp Mueller Thumb Stabilizer Specifications:

  • Measure: Circumference at the wrist.
  • Size: One size fits 5.5 to 10.5 inch wrist circumference.
  • Fits: Universal design fits right or left hand.
  • Support: Two flexible stays provide maximum support to limit MP and CMC joint motion.
  • Material: Breathable fabric, protected with AEGIS Microbe Shield, made from 100% latex-free materials.
  • Care: Hand wash in cold water. Rinse well and air dry.
  • Wear: The Thumb Stabilizer is designed as a day or nighttime splint to protect the thumb. Wear part or full time as needed.
  • Color: Black.
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