15 Inch Safety Sure Transfer Disc
15 Inch Safety Sure Transfer Disc

15 Inch Safety Sure Transfer Disc

Helpful transfer aid for users with limited or no ability to pivot

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Mobility Transfer Systems, Inc.
  • Convenient grip handle
  • Full anti-slip coverage on top and bottom
  • Rotating disc for pivot transfers


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The 15 Inch Safety Sure Transfer Disc is a rotating disc designed to help make transfers easier for users who are able to stand but cannot readily move their feet. Users with limited or no ability to pivot who need assisted or unassisted transfers will find this easy to use transfer aid helpful.

The Safety Sure Transfer Disc is made of three high quality polymer plates, one turning on top of the other. The durable transfer disc is also equipped with anti-glide tapes on both sides to prevent slipping on the floor or when a user is standing on the disc. The disc is "locked" in place when the assistant places his/her heel comfortably on the floor and the rest of his/her foot firmly on the plate between the feet of the user. The user wears a transfer belt and the assistant holds on to the handles while guiding the user through the transfer. The Safety Sure Transfer Pivot Disc can be used for transfers between a chair and wheelchair, wheelchair and a toilet, wheelchair and a bed.

The SafetySure Transfer Disc is placed on the floor with the label facing downwards. For users who cannot use their upper extremities, an assistant will be needed. The user's feet are to be positioned completely on the disc to facilitate a smooth transfer and reduce back strain on both the user and the assistant. The handle of the Safety Sure Transfer Pivot Disc should be placed facing the user, to prevent interfering with the feet of the assistant. The assistant should place one of his/her feet on the disc to safely monitor and control the transfer. For maximum support and safety for both the user and the assistant, we recommend that either a transfer belt or sling be used in conjunction with the Safety Sure Transfer Pivot Disc. After using the Safety Sure Transfer Pivot Disc, it should immediately be removed from the floor to avoid accidents. Because of the lightweight and convenient grip handle, the transfer pivot disc is easy to use and carry.

Safety Sure Transfer Disc Instructions

15 inch Safety Sure Transfer Disc Specifications:

  • Weighs: 2 pounds.
  • Measures: 15 inch diameter, 1/2 inch thick.
  • Weight limit 400 pounds.
  • Care: Clean with disinfectant spray or wipe.
  • Made in: USA.
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